Redspire Architectural Glass Inc. offers customized glass and glazing solutions to the following industries:

• Commercial
• Industrial
• Government Facilities
• Hospitals and Health Care
• Recreation Facilities
• Education and Libraries
• Sports and Entertainment
• Retail


For new construction or retrofit projects, Redspire Architectural Glass Inc. has a wealth of experience with the following technologies:

Curtain Walls
With capabilities in stick or pre-glazed unitized systems, we can design and implement a curtain wall system to meet your complete aesthetic and performance requirements.

Our familiarity with the various window systems and manufacturers allows us to select and design the best solution for your project.

Our experience with the specialized systems for skylights can ensure that you receive a design that meets your aesthetic requirements, while performing under the required wind/snow loads and restricting water and air infiltration.

Entrance Systems
Typically involving larger spans and fewer anchoring locations, our engineering team will design a solution that meets all the building code requirements and achieves your desired visual impact.

Canopies and Sunshades
Having worked with numerous varieties of canopies and sunshade systems, we can design and install a solution to meet your needs.

Glass Guards and Balustrades
Our team will work closely with the architects and owners to design and implement visually stunning glass elements for guards and balustrades, which meet all the latest building code requirements for safety.

Vestibules and Interior Glazing
Whether its vestibules, glass partitions, decorative glass walls, or even glass floors and stairways, Redspire Architectural Glass has the technical know-how and fabrication/installation experience to get the job done right.


Design is the foundation of our process and encompasses all aspects of your project. Our expertise in estimation, engineering, fabrication and installation allows us to evaluate the architectural requirements of a project and identify areas of concern as well as areas for optimization. This evaluation and early design is done prior to estimation and further refined before the creation of the first shop drawing. All subsequent stages will follow from this design.

Our estimating team is committed to providing a price that is both competitive and precise for the project requirements. Accurate pricing is the basis of a project and will facilitate the success of the later stages.

At Redspire Architectural Glass Inc. we understand the importance of proper engineering. We will ensure that your project meets the all the latest building code requirements for your region, as well as the design requirements of the architectural specifications. Additionally, we will design and implement a solution that will provide the optimal thermal performance, with no air and water infiltration, while meeting the highest safety standards. Our drafting team will provide clear and concise shop drawings, with extensive detailing so you can be sure that the design will be properly implemented on-site.

Project Management
With the knowledge that comes with successfully completing hundreds of jobs, our project management team will make certain that your project is finished on time and on budget. Precise scheduling, budgeting, and quality control will be used to bring your project from design, to fabrication, to installation in a timely fashion.

With the utmost precision, Redspire Architectural Glass Inc.’s fabrication team will assemble the components of your project to meet the exacting standards of our design. Our goal is to complete as much of your project in our state-of-theart fabrication facility, where controlled conditions ensure the accuracy of fabricated members, which will lead to speed and efficiency during on-site installation.

As the final piece of a project’s life, we recognize the importance of proper installation. Typically, this is the step where a project’s success or failure will be realized. To ensure that your project is successful, each of our departments makes sure to keep the final installation of the project in mind. For example, our engineering department will design efficient anchoring systems and produce detailed shop drawings to guarantee rapid and proper installation. Our project management team accurately plans each installation step to ensure that we will meet our deadline with no interference to the other trades on-site. Our fabrication staff assembles as much of the required components in the shop to minimize the work required on-site.

Finally, to ensure that all the work culminating to this point is successfully executed, Redspire Architectural Glass Inc. has assembled a team of experienced project foremen and installers. We will ensure your project is installed to meet all architectural and structural design requirements, with speed, efficiency, and the utmost regard for safety.